Stop the Watton Road development, Knebworth

Whilst there is clearly a need for extra housing, bolt on rabbit warren developments, like this proposal of 200 houses around Watton Road and Swangleys Lane, are not the answer. This development risks blurring the thin green line which keeps Knebworth and Stevenage separate.

The suggested closure of Swangleys Lane has no benefit for residents and will only increase traffic jams in and around the high street. This will have a negative impact on local people and businesses.

The application does not account for the fact that when the A1 suffers from traffic jams (or is shut altogether), Knebworth high street becomes a cut through for a huge number of vehicles. 200 new homes having sole access in and out of their estate via Watton Road will not work and just lead to major congestion on what is an already busy road between the village and Bragbury End.

The plan to inflict a Low-Speed Zone (LSZ) is an assault on motorists, which has become typical from Lib Dem/Labour Councils like North Herts. Traffic restricting measures do not take into consideration the fact that many people, particularly the elderly, disabled, and young families, are reliant on their cars for their day to day lives. The campaign to push people towards alternative modes of transport is too idealistic and fails to properly consider the practicalities and realities facing people who are just trying to get from A to B.

If you agree with Alex's concerns, sign his petition below, which will be sent to North Herts District Council in early September.

Stop the Watton Road development

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I oppose the planning application to develop the land south of Watton Road, Knebworth.