Protect our children's playgrounds

Alex Clarkson is leading Stevenage Conservative’s campaign to protect children’s playgrounds across Stevenage.

Many play parks all over Stevenage have been left to fall apart and rot, with some being barely recognisable anymore.

At Stevenage Borough Council’s February Budget setting meeting, Conservative Councillors proposed a £66,000 increase to the Council’s playground repairs budget. This would have trebled the existing funding for the maintenance of play parks.

Sadly, Labour Councillors voted this proposal down. Instead, they chose to pour near £200,000 into Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), which is simple terms is expensive modified chip fat.

Stevenage Labour chose chip fat over our children.

They claim that this change will help the environment. But according to leading car manufacturers HVO does not reduce Nitric Oxide or Nitrogen Dioxide emissions, which are a major causes of air pollution, smog, and acid rain.

Also, HVO does not reduce the particulates emitted through exhaust fumes, which is a form of pollution that is the leading cause of breathing problems and asthma.

Labour Councillors have saddled Stevenage’s taxpayers with an increased fuel bill for Council vehicles for only very minor environmental gain.

Alex Clarkson and Stevenage’s Conservative Councillors want to put our children first.

Support our campaign to put our children ahead of Labour’s chip fat.

Sign our petition today to send a strong message to Stevenage’s Labour Council that we want to protect our children’s parks!

Protect our children's playgrounds

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We the undersigned call on Stevenage Borough Council to properly fund repairs for our children’s playgrounds.