Petition: Stop Ticket Office Closures at Stevenage and Knebworth Stations

Prospective Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Stevenage, Alex Clarkson, is opposing rail operators’ proposals to close ticket offices at Stevenage station and Knebworth station.

Commenting on the plan Alex said:

“I strongly oppose the proposals to close these ticket offices. As a local resident and frequent rail user, I know ticket office staff are vital in providing information and assistance to rail users, especially when things go wrong.

Having a clearly sign-posted place in the station where enquiries can be dealt with is of immense value to local people, especially the elderly and disabled. The loss of the ticket offices at Stevenage and Knebworth stations would be detrimental to many residents.”

Please sign our petition so that we can send a clear message to rail operators that we want to save our ticket offices.

*The petition will close the day before the end of the rail operator's formal consultation (31 August) and will be submitted to the rail operators as part of the consultation. Unless you consent to Stevenage Conservatives retaining your data, it will be removed from our systems shortly after the petition has been submitted.

Save our ticket office petition

I oppose the closure of the ticket offices at Stevenage and Knebworth stations.